Top 10 tennis shots you must have

Having these shots in your tennis toolbox will allow you to use many different strategies to use against your opponents in both singles and doubles.

Improve your ball placement

Good tennis players use depth, angles and spins to take their opponents out of their comfort zones. All of which require a certain level of accuracy. Every club player loves to crush a short forehand or overhead, but the reality is that most shots at this level require greater control than power to end the…

Seeing Doubles

Vision and anticipation in doubles Theres probably nothing we take for granted more as athletes than our vision. Good players have good vision and anticipation but great players have great vision and anticipation. The average player should work on how they anticipate¬†each shot coming and really improve overall the way they construct and finish points….

Volley like Pat Rafter

Pat Rafter was one of the greatest serve and volley athletes in history. A vicious kick serve and a crushing net game took him No.1 in the world and back to back US.Open Championships. So what can the average club player learn from Rafter? Providing you have solid technique and the right grip (continental), you…

Modern Doubles Strategy: 2 back on return

One of the most successful tactics on the professional doubles tour at the moment is playing both receivers back on the return. The Bryan brothers use this strategy often to counter the bigger servers they face and to set up their booming groundstrokes. Due to Mike being a right hander and Bob being lefty, both…