G.O.A.T 2 handed Backhands: 3 elite set up commonalities

Marat Safin owned one of the most powerful backhands on tour

There are many ways to hit a 2 handed backhand, and there have been many great 2 handers both currently on tour and in years past. While their grip, stances, contact and follow through may differ slightly, (and that’s what makes them different and unique) there are certain fundamental commonalities between them that you can copy and past to improve your own backhand.

Andre Agassi’s ability to hit the ball early and clean separated his backhand

The set up of the 2 handed backhand is the key to its consistency, repeatability and ultimately its success. Keeping the set up relaxed and simple is very important. In this article I am going to focus exclusively on the set up and the three ingredients that are present in all the 2 handed GOATS.

Kei Nishikori has one of the best backhands on the tour today

1. Hands around waist height

2. Dominant hand close to straight

3. Racket head above the wrist

Andy Murray’s backhand is another elite backhand that is very hard to break down

In all of the images in this article you will see these 3 keys. From Lleyton Hewitts flatter trajectory backhand, to Rafael Nadal’s with much more shape and topspin. All these backhands set ups share these 3 keys.

Lleyton Hewitts backhand allowed him to defend the AD court amazingly
Nafael Nadals backhand is a hugely underrated part of his game. His ability to create angles and depth from this wing is stand out.

The easiest way to improve your backhand as a whole is to chunk the most important movements down and practice them specifically. Racket preparation is the first thing you will need to improve.

David Nalbandian’s backhand was clean and powerful and a real baseline weapon on tour.

Set up your two hander with these 3 keys and you are on track to a more solid backhand.

Novak Djokovic’s backhand is all time. Changing direction, absorbing pace and creating depth. Any stance and surface. The model 2 handed backhand.

See you on the courts.

Joel Myers
USPTA Elite Professional
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