Leading Edge Volleys

fed volley.jpg

The ability to take the pace off the ball at net often separates good from great volleyers. This is equally as important in singles as it is in doubles. If you want to be a complete tennis player you need to be able to absorb the pace of a groundstroke and defend at the net as well as be able to hit the touch or angle volley to win a point. Many players struggle absorbing pace at the net and lose control of their volleys because their racket angle is too flat before contact.

stosur volley

Lead with the bottom edge. In all the photos you see in this post the players bottom edge leads into the contact. If you wish to add some pace you can flatten at contact and if you wish to soften the ball you can accentuate the bottom edge leading through the hit. This ability gives you disguise and touch.


sampras backhand volley.jpg

See you on the courts,

Joel Myers
USPTA Elite Professional
Tennis Director
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
Sheraton Hotel & Marina San Diego
(949) 485-8679



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